• Newsletter: NCGS members will receive a quarterly newsletter. This 8-page newsletter contains genealogical material and records relating to Niagara County as well as Society news. Members may also post free queries in the newsletters. Newsletters are available through your choice of e-mail or postal mail.
  • Look-Up Program: NCGS has a Look-Up service available to members only. Each membership in the Society entitles you to one FREE 30-minute Look-Up in the Library's holdings OR one Obit Look-Up in the Lockport Public Library. After the free Look-Up, additional Look-Ups are available for a nominal fee. Look-ups for the membership year need to be into our library by December 14th.
  • Society Meetings: Meetings are open to all and are generally held at 7pm on the last Wednesday of each month except January and February are held on a Saturday afternoon (no meetings in July, August, November & December) at the Niagara County Historical Museum meeting room. Meeting topics are listed in the quarterly newsletter and here on the web site. Topics have covered areas such as computers & genealogy, ethnic groups, local families, travel and research hints. Our local members, who have e-mail, will receive a notice of meetings approximately one week before the meeting.

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Membership Dues

Membership Dues are good for a single calendar year (January - December). Membership is open to all!

  • U.S. Residents: $20.00/yr
  • Canadian Residents: $25.00/yr if paid for on line/$30 if paid for by check or money order. (U.S. funds)
  • International Residents: (non U.S. or Canada) $32.00/yr (U.S. funds)

All prices are in U.S. Dollars. All checks must be in U.S. funds, payable to Niagara County Genealogical Society.

Or click here to renew on-line.

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Apply for Membership

Download a membership application.

Complete and return it to:

The Niagara County Genealogical Society
215 Niagara Street
Lockport, NY 14094

Or click here to apply on-line.

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About the Look-Up Program

What does the Program Offer?
The NCGS Look-Up program is a service and benefit of membership. All people using this service must be members. Each annual membership entitles you to one free 30- minute look-up in the holdings of the NCGS Library OR an Obit Look-up at the Lockport Public Library. After the free annual Look-Up, additional Look-Ups are available for $10 each and Obits for $6 each.

How Can Existing Members Use This Service?
Existing members must fill out the Look-Up form for either the 30-minute Look-Up OR the Obit. A link to the form can be found on the bottom of this page.

I Want A Look-Up But I am Not A Member.
Anyone desiring Look-up services and is not a member, must first fill out the membership application form and include the appropriate dues (they are located on the membership application) along with the attached Look-Up form in order to receive these services. You will then get either ONE 30-minute Look-Up or an Obit search for the cost of the membership and, each year upon renewal you will be entitled to the same.

What Resources Can I Access For the 30-Minute Look-Up?
Only those that are in residence at the NCGS Library. Because this is a volunteer-staffed facility, we felt we needed to put some limits on what we can reasonably search. For now just the major references like census data, cemetery records, city and county directory information. However, in order to give people wider choices we have also designed a WILDCARD, which allows the Look-Up volunteer to select, based on their own knowledge of the Library's holdings and the information the member has included in their request. This is at the risk of the member - we may not find anything! We also have a space to choose a specific publication, if known, such as one of those from the Manuscript list for example.

What Happens If My Information Only Takes 15 Minutes To Find? How Do I Maximize The 30 Minutes?
We have thought a lot about that! On the form you will see a space for "priority" - you must fill it in with a number. If you put One (1) after census data, we will start our search there. After we finish #1 we will go to what you have listed as number 2, and so on. When you receive your Look-Up reply, you will know where we left off and you can either send another request or stop there!

I Want To Find An Obit But All I Have Is A Month, Year and City.
We will search a one-week time frame during any year, but it is up to you to select that week. If you have even less information and still want us to look, you must at least guess at the city, month, year and week. Please understand - we may not come up with anything.

How Much Information Will Be Sent Back To Me?
Fees for the Look-Up service were established based on the member receiving one (1) business size envelope using first class postage. We can fit up to four (4) sheets of paper in that envelope. If we have additional information for you we will indicate that when your information is returned and ask that you send a SASE if you want the remaining information.

What Happens If I Don't Use My Free Look-Up Before The Year Ends?
We ask that each member use their free look-up during the year that their membership is paid for. If a member renews their membership for the following year, they will be entitled to another free look-up for that year, but if a member has not used the free look-up for the previous year, it is no longer available. Look-ups need to be in to our library by December 14th.

Download a printable copy of the NCGS Look-Up form.

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