Our Society is always striving to expand and improve the information we provide to the genealogy community. We are able to do this only because of the ideas and efforts of our volunteers. We would like your assistance in helping us to accomplish these goals. Please review the following ideas that have been suggested as projects. If you would like to volunteer for one of these projects or have other projects to suggest please contact us.
  1. Index the Lockport High School Yearbooks
    This would need to be done by someone local who could work in the NCGS Library.
  2. Index the names in the 1908 Niagara County Atlas
    We have 2 copies of this in the NCGS Library and it could be done remote from the Library if the Atlas is picked up by the person doing the indexing or delivered to them. It is too big to mail
  3. Develop digital database of Niagara Area Obituaries
    Currently 2 volunteers are creating a database and PDF files for the 2008 to current obituaries
    We need volunteers to work in the NCGS Library and scan the obituaries from past years
  4. Publish a Collection of Local Genealogies written about Niagara County people
    This would be a major and ambitious project and last for an expanded time period
    Volunteers would be needed to cover the many aspects of this project. Some of the elements would be solicitation of people willing to write and/or contribute family histories, assistance in typing and editing, organizing the genealogies into an interesting document, contact of businesses for advertising, establishing a contract with a suitable printing firm, preparing a sales plan, etc. Of course we will need someone to serve as chairperson to coordinate the efforts of the many volunteers

If you would like to add any ideas or volunteer yourself, please contact projects@niagaragenealogy.org.


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